Tiling At The Tate.

The Direct Painting Group are honoured to have been a part of renowned artist Anthea Hamilton’s latest commercial tiling project presented at the Tate! Hamilton is the next artist to undertake the Tate Britain Commission and on the 21st March 2018, she uncovered her mesmeric installation that perfectly intertwined both sculpture and performance, something that the Direct Painting Group are proud to have contributed to.

Who Is Anthea Hamilton?

Anthea is a contemporary female British artist who in 2016 was shortlisted for the Turner Prize. She is most notably recognised for her bold and eccentric art that clearly expresses her own take on the spheres of design, fashion and culture.

Anthea’s creation of the Squash took inspiration of a large swimming pool created by the tiles used, with the mysterious being moving slowly around the exhibition to complete the artwork. Anthea also designed the outfits for each of the mysterious beings herself.

Anthea's Response

It was an extreme pleasure to work alongside Anthea in the final stages of piecing together her project and seeing her beautiful presentation come to life. Hamilton was very grateful and pleased with the work the Direct Painting Group had done for her, so much so that some members of our team were invited to her very first unveiling of the project at the Tate. We would love to work with Anthea again and to be a part of her future work!

How The Direct Painting Group Made This Possible.

Through incorporating stages and platform, we were able to create a large scale platform base that created a means for the presentation of Anthea’s masterpiece. Over 7000 porcelain tiles were used to complete the entire project. Our team craftily put together geometric platforms and levels that lined the capacious space which dressed the way for Anthea to unveil her exciting and newest project in the magnificent Duveen Galleries. With ten highly skilled tilers on site over a period of two weeks our team grouped together and put an undoubtable amount of dedication into creating the foundation for the artists’ work. Anthea strives to create somewhat of an experience for those who enjoy her art, and our team aided the visual representation of Hamilton’s bold, often humorous work, something that was emphatically eluded by the large scale geometric tiles.