Tate Britain | The Squash


Direct Painting Group employees carrying out preparation works before fitting the white ceramic tiles for the exhibition
close up view of a box tiled with white ceramic tiles in the Duveen galleries


Tate Britain is a museum located in the City of Westminster which showcases a range of artworks & hosts various exhibitions. Tate Britain tasked Direct Painting Group with creating the tiled background for Anthea Hamilton’s art exhibition ‘The Squash’.

tiled boxes on white ceramic tiled floor
white ceramic floor tiles laid in the Duveen galleries in Tate Britain for 'The Squash' exhibition
bronze ornaments placed on tiled plinths sitting on white ceramic tiled floor


Planning was paramount in ensuring our team was capable of delivering the project within the established 2 weeks time frame; this included co-ordinating the tiling works with the other on-going tradesman’s works. Once a programme of works was developed, our expert tiling team was ready for their site induction & commencing of works.


The completed exhibition included the installation of over 7,000 Johnson white ceramic floor tiles which were laid to span the length of the Duveen galleries & to serve as a casing for the large erected box-like structures. This was a unique project to be involved in & it incorporated various moving parts, however through our experienced & dedicated team we were able to deliver a seamless finish within the initially established time-frame.

Take a look at Johnson Tiles article on Anthea’s exhibition. 

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