Should you renovate office


Should You Renovate Your Office?

Looks matter. Whether it’s motivating employees or impressing clients, image is essential. And the right image can inspire trust, boost confidence, and promote success. Therefore, enhancing your work environment can do wonders for your business. Here’s how.

Employee productivity

Increasing Employee Productivity

Research indicates that workplaces with scenic views and a high-quality indoor environment encourages employees to be more productive. Studies show that everything from office artwork to workstations with natural light directly correlates with accelerated work rate. 

Making employees feel as comfortable as possible at work will ensure your team is always performing at their best. When redefining your office space, taking into account how it will impact employees is crucial in creating a functional & efficient environment. For instance, the colour of your office will have varying impacts on employees – red can evoke passion from employees, while yellow is generally associated with a happier, more relaxed space. 

The cost of renovating an office can be an inhibiting factor when improving your workspace. However, the good news is that you don’t need to completely redesign your office to get the most out of your employees. Adjustments as simple as improving office air quality can improve employee cognitive efficiency by 61%, according to a Harvard study

First impressions count

First Impressions Count

First impressions count, and it only takes 7 seconds for a customer to make a solid impression of your business. You won’t have the chance to give the low-down on your company culture, history, or vision.

Instead, your brand’s initial appearance will be the basis for a potential customer’s judgment. A vibrant, modern & thoughtful workspace will go a long way in ensuring that your brand gives off the right impression. There are various ways you can achieve this. A big one is business signage. This is often the first thing customers will notice when walking past your establishment – so be creative and original.

Once you’ve got a customer’s attention with your storefront – wow them with your office’s interior. A thoughtfully designed space, decorated professionally and furnished with modern fixtures will surely impress clients.

Maximising revenue

Maximise Revenue

Are you completely utilizing the office space you already have? Subletting unused and excess space could become a lucrative source of income for your business.

Whether you have a single desk or a whole floor that is vacant, there is a thriving market for flexible & affordable commercial real-estate.

Reduce operating costs

Reducing Operating Costs

Renovating your workplace is a prime opportunity to cut down on unnecessary operating costs resulting from outdated practices. Whether it’s embracing technology in your workplace to strip down on printing costs or incorporating more efficient energy practices – restructuring your workplace can become a superb investment!

Renovating your office with a complete overhaul of your energy sources is a must for creating a sustainable and modern workplace. If you are decorating on a budget, changing your bulbs for energy-efficient ones is a great way to reduce office operating costs. Alternatively, if money is less of an issue, consider investing in more sustainable energy sources, such as solar or hydropower.

Composite doors can be painted in different colours to bring the most out of your front door. From neutral colours to bold hues, you can paint a composite door in any colour that suits your tastes and style. As a general guide, you should pick a colour that matches the type of impression you want your front door to give off. Here’s my favourite paint colour for doors:

Attracting new talent

Attracting New Talent

Employees are the greatest asset of any successful business. Renovating your office offers the opportunity to create a workplace where people want to work. 

When renovating your office, creating a space that reinforces a positive company culture is a must when attracting new staff. Employees want a comfortable work environment that supports and inspires them. Here’s how to achieve this: 

  • Improve the lighting: lighting is directly associated with employee performance and attitude. A well-lit space is more likely to motivate employees to give their best output while at work.
  • Make the office as comfortable as possible: incorporating comfortable furniture, a clear design principle & a relaxing work environment will help ensure your staff is working at their best.
  • Encourage employee collaboration: Choosing an open-plan office design can help ensure that your employees can easily collaborate and work well.
Company culture

Company Culture

Your office isn’t just a workplace; it’s a reflection of your brand. Renovating your office is a prime opportunity to ensure your brand’s always making the right impression. 

However, just adding some fancy chairs & a fresh lick of paint won’t do the trick. Instead, think about what your brand represents and what’s your vision for the businesses’ future. Once this is clear, consider using some of these tips to ensure your work environment represents your brand: 

  • Brand colors: color is an important branding & marketing tool that you can use to your advantage by incorporating them in the design scheme of your office.
  • Picking the right furniture: depending on the type of company you are, choose furniture to reflect this. If you’re an innovative startup, modern furniture will ensure your brand is perceived as forward-thinking. Alternatively, if you’re in an industry where creditability is a must, opting for a classic style of furniture is a better option. 
Business growth

Preparing For Future Growth

As your business grows, your future potential growth may become restricted by a lack of available office space. Allowing for potential growth in the planning phase of renovations ensures that your workspace is a flexible hub that can easily adjust its capacity to meet demand.

Instead of considering office renovations as an expense, think of it as an investment for the future. And building a workspace that can adjust for demand growth is one of the ways you can ensure you always stay on top of your competition.

With this in mind, consider adjustments, such as making changes to the floor plan to make it as open-plan and flexible as possible. Alternatively, combine adaptable furniture within your current office layout to ensure you can adjust based on employee & client requirements.

Safety comes first

Safety Comes First

Offices that haven’t been renovated for years could pose various health and safety threats to your workforce – from asbestos to lead paint, eliminating safety risks from the office is a must. 

Renovating with this in mind, including the following measures will ensure you’re putting your staff first and protecting their wellbeing:

  • Unobstructed exits 
  • Safe flooring 
  • Handicap accessibility 
  • Facilitate airflow 
  • Ensure office security
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