Shake Shack


Shake Shack entrance painted in white masonry paint
white painted ceilings in restaurant upper floor dining room
white painted ceilings in top-floor dining room


Founded in 2001, Shake Shack began as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park & has continually expanded across the world, becoming a globally recognised casual restaurant chain. Shake Shack approached Direct Painting Group with the task of decorating their Leicester Square branch which they had acquired to support their ever-growing brand.

White painted walls and ceilings in ground floor dining room
arial shot of restaurant stairs with wood-effect walls


The central focus of the re-decoration project was to create a restaurant that was unitary with its other branches, whilst also being unique in its own right. Also, a central focus of Shake Shack was to create a space that effectively promoted the Shake Shack brand & company culture.


The transformed space is a stylish & flexible space, which effectively incorporates the Shake Shack brand through the bold use of brand colours throughout the space. We delivered the re-decoration of the two-storey restaurant over 2 weeks; dedicating a portion of time to thoroughly preparing all the surfaces to guarantee a lasting finish. To achieve the simplistic yet effective design pure white paint was used to create a neutral design background, with vinyl wall covering being used to add boldness & energy.

black painted restaurant bar

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