Rusholme Road, Putney

Property Size: 1,900 SF

We completed the interior painting and decorating works in this home located on Rusholme Road in Putney – consisting of the facade, living room, bedrooms, hallways, and bathroom.

The owner wanted to elevate their property while maintaining the traditional character and charm. Since the homeowner was unsure of colours, we advised using a neutral colour palette with subtly contrasting hues. Each room was thoroughly prepared and meticulously decorated by our decorating team. Also, the exterior was in poor condition, so we dedicated a portion of time to sanding, filling, and priming the facade – the final finish is fresh and vibrant.


Rusholme Road 1
Rusholme Road 2
Rusholme Road 5
Rusholme Road 6
Rusholme Road 7
Rusholme Road 4
Rusholme Road 9
Rusholme Road 12
Rusholme Road 13
Rusholme Road 10
Rusholme Road 3