External Redecorating completed in Portland Mews in Soho. 

external painting of cabin in green
exterior painting & decorating in soho

What were the requirements?

  • Painting and decorating of exterior of residential property in Soho.
  • Areas requiring decorating works included the cabin areas to the exterior of the building.
  • A fast, competitive & quality painting and decorating service.
  • Reliable painters and decorators in West London who had extensive experience in painting and decorating.
  • Minimal disruption to the surrounding public areas.

What did we do?

To begin the decorating works, we ensured that we implemented all safety regulations to the surrounding public pathways, including bordering off the areas which we were conducting the painting works. Since our client required a speedy outcome, we ensured that our painting & decorating team worked over the weekend period to allow for a quicker finish, whilst maintaining our high level of quality. For the completion of all painting works, only the highest-quality weather-shield paints were used, this ensured that our high-quality finish would also be able to combat the toughest of weather conditions.

What was the response?

“Fantastic painting and decorating service throughout! Fast & extremely high-quality. The best local painters and decorators we’ve used by far. Would recommend this painters and decorators to anyone in London. They helped us with the choice of colour & informed us what options would be best for a lasting finish. Superb!”

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