Welcome to The Direct Painting Group! We provide high-quality painting and decorating services in London. We offer both interior & exterior painting and decorative services for residential & commercial properties in London. We’ve been doing this for decades. The key to our decorating services in our experienced, reliable & qualified painters and decorators. We offer our paintwork services to households all the way to large offices throughout London. Over the years, as we’ve grown, we’ve covered practically every painting & decorating request imaginable. Therefore, regardless of what you want to achieve with your interior space or exterior area, we’ve got the experience & expertise to create it. We believe that the key to a great decorating service is achieving a high-quality finish that lasts- and this is what we’ll prioritise throughout our painting & decorating work.

Since we were founded in 1983, we’ve constantly expanded & improved our painting and decorating services, as well as the customers we reach in London. This has allowed us to connect with local homeowners & business-owners all over London. Also, this has given us insight into what’s important in painting & decorating for locals in London. Unlike other painting and decorating companies in London, we’ll always value creating a quality experience for you. That’s why we’re happy to work around your decorative ideas & time-schedule, in order to achieve a tailored & personal painting experience. Whenever we carry out our painting services, we’ll always begin with extensive preparation of all surfaces including walls, ceilings & woodwork, allowing us to achieve a high-quality finish.



We provide a comprehensive & high-quality residential decoration services throughout London. Our professional painters & decorators are passionate about what we do & are equipped with quality-control and the highest-quality materials, allowing us to carry out our expert decorating work. We believe that painting and decorating is a personal experience. That’s why we offer a free consultation service to all customers. This allows for a painting & decorating experience which is both personal & tailored around your painting ideas.

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We’ve provided commercial painting and decorating services in London for decades. This has allowed us to transform some of London’s most remarkable commercial buildings. We’ve completed commercial projects in Tate Britain, Somerset House & Rainmaker Office throughout London. Such experience has allowed our painters and decorators to understand first-hand what’s most important for a great commercial painting service. As well as quality-control, achieving a high-quality finish & reliability, we understand that time is also a pressing factor within commercial decoration. That’s why our decorators are able to work out-of-hours to allow for minimal disruption to business. In the past we’ve covered all types of commercial properties, including painting and decorating services in schools, retail, offices & galleries.


Our painters and decorators are experts in interior & exterior painting and decorating. We combine our expertise with the highest-quality, allowing us to create the perfect painting and decorating service in London. Whether you’re updating a residential or commercial space, our process is the same. We use thorough preparation of all walls, ceilings & woodwork surfaces to create a high-quality & lasting finish. When providing exterior painting and decorating services we only use the highest-quality weather-shield materials to combat the roughest weather conditions. Our decorating process has allowed us to create 100s of satisfied customers in the past & we hope you’ll soon join this list.
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As we provide professional painting and decorating services in London, it’s always been our goal to change the idea that hiring painters & decorators is a chore. That’s why we offer a transparent decorative service from start to finish. We offer a Price-Match Guarantee which means you’re confident in our prices being the most reasonable. Also, we offer a 2-Year Guarantee across all of our residential & commercial decorating services in London. Contact your local residential & commercial decorators and painters today.