Munich Cricket Club


entrance to Munich cricket club in London
undecorated bar before our painters and decorators decorated the bar
brand colours used in painted eating room with blue painted panelling and white painted walls and ceilings


Munich Cricket Club is a unique Bavarian bar brand based in London. Munich Cricket Club approached Direct Painting Group with completing the refurbishment of its Victoria branch. Munich Cricket Club was keen to raise brand awareness & central to this, brand colours were used throughout the space.

blue painted skirting boards and white painted ceilings inside bar entrance
close up of blue painted wall behind a well-lit sign that reads 'Munich Cricket Club'


Before commencing the re-decoration of the bar, our team spent time understanding the Munich Cricket Club brand, ensuring the brand & company culture was constant in the space. Additionally, we delivered a bespoke Neon sign which was placed above the bar.


The transformed bar is a stylish, unique & comfortable space that places customer experience & brand awareness at its centre. We delivered the bar’s complete re-decoration in 3 weeks; this included painting the seating area, the bar’s exterior, back of house, staircases, kitchen, toilets & the bar itself. Atlantic Blue paint by Dulux was used to create the stunning finish achieved. 

Munich cricket club sign above blue painted bar

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