We carried out painting & decorating to this house in Kingston. A beautiful home full with character renovated & updated by The Direct Painting Group.


  • Painting and decorating service required in several areas of the house, including the kitchen area, staircase & living room area.
  • All painting and decorating works were set to be carried out in a matching paint to that of the existing colours.
  • A tiling service for the kitchen area of this home.
  • A speedy painting and decorating service to avoid disruption to their home.
  • Local painters and decorators who were experienced in painting and decorating. 


In order to provide a quality local painting and decorating service, we began preparing the areas requiring the painting and decorating in order to ensure a high-quality painting and decorating finish. This included covering all the necessary areas, as well as applying protective sheeting to the floor. We then began to prime & fill all woodwork, as well as sand & fill the walls in order to create a smooth finish. Our local painters and decorators then entered the property and carried out the decorating works to a high-quality finish.


“Fantastic. The best local painters and decorators we’ve used. Loving the decorating works in my property and it’s clear the quality level of the painting and decorating will be very lasting”.

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