Interior Painters in London

We are professional interior painters in London, providing high-quality residential and commercial decorating services.

Professional interior painters in London

A fresh coat of paint helps to protect your interior surfaces, while adding value and style to your property.

Our interior painters have years of experience painting homes and businesses in London. And our supervisors ensure all our work is completed with attention to detail and care. As a result, our highly skilled team have the expertise to achieve a perfect finish in your space.

Interior Painters in London


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Interior Painters London
Interior Painters and Decorators London

Interior painting and decorating specialists

We have completed interior painting and decorating for residential and commercial properties in London. As a result, we know exactly how to achieve a high-quality finish on time and budget.

While every space is different, we complete all interior decorating work with the same approach. From getting an accurate and broken-down quote to scheduling our interior painters to paint your property in London, our experienced team make sure your experience is hassle free.

Interior Painting and Decorating Services in London

How are we different?

Our Clients

We are the go-to interior painters and decorators for businesses across London.

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Interior house painters

Interior painting and decorating helps to personalise and protect your home. We follow a meticulous preparation and painting process to ensure every interior surface we paint meets our high standards.

Equally, our expert customer service team makes sure painting the interior of your home is an enjoyable experience.

Commercial interior painters London

Painting the interior of your workspace helps to improve your business’s image and employees’ productivity. When you hire our team, we paint your interior safely and reliably, ensuring you reap the rewards of decorating.

Also, our interior painters can work nights and weekends all over London. Therefore, we can paint your workplace with minimal disruption.

What frequent jobs do our interior painters complete?

Our experienced painters and decorators complete all types of interior decorating work, including:

  • Coating walls and ceilings with emulsion
  • Painting doors and frames
  • Painting windows and frames
  • Priming, undercoating, and top coating woodwork
  • Hanging wallpaper
  • Stripping wallpaper from walls
  • Repairing damaged walls
  • Tiling floors and walls

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Frequently asked questions

An average-sized 3-bedroom house would take approximately 7-days to paint. However, the time it takes to paint an interior varies based on the size and condition of the space.

Once you get in touch, we can provide you with an accurate timeframe for our interior painters to paint your home in London.

The most important but often overlooked stage in interior painting and decorating is preparing surfaces. Our interior painters in London spend time preparing each surface before painting. 

The preparation tasks that we carry out on interior surfaces include:

  • Remove any loose or flaky paint
  • Wash surfaces with a sugar-soap solution
  • Fill any holes or indentations
  • Sand the surface 

All paints have different levels of quality and price points. We avoid using cheap paints because more coats of paint are required to achieve an equal finish, which costs more in the long run. For that reason, we recommend the following brands of paint for interior decorating:

If you’d like our team to supply the paints, we’re happy to include the costs clearly detailed in your quote.

We will provide you with a quote that includes the cost of labour and paint. Alternatively, if you already have the paint supplies, we can solely charge for labour costs.

So you know what you’re paying for, we give a detailed breakdown of the costs. Therefore, you can be confident you’re getting an accurate estimate for the works.


We know painting and decorating company have a reputation for being messy.

That’s why at the end of every working day, we ensure your home is clean and tidy. Also, we store any paints we are using so they are out of your way. In addition, once we finish painting your home, we will clean the entire space. Therefore, our interior painters and decorators make sure your home is just as tidy when we finish as when we began the works.

Once you hire a professional painter and decorator, you’ll want to follow some simple tips to ensure your freshly painted space is maintained. These include:

  • Cleaning your walls: Gently clean your walls with a new sponge soaked in a water and soap solution. Then, cover the areas using a towel to dry the cleaned surface.
  • Dust your surfaces: Occasionally dust your walls and ceilings with a dust cloth to keep your interior paint job looking pristine. 
  • Ventilate your home: Keep your home regularly aerated to prevent mould growing on your interior surfaces.

Following these simple steps will help to ensure your interior paint job lasts.