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We are reliable exterior painters in London providing quality residential and commercial exterior decorating solutions.

Expert exterior painters London

We provide exterior painting and decorating services for residential and commercial properties in London.

We repair and paint exterior surfaces with attention to detail, skill, and genuine care. From assessing to decorating your exterior, we use our experience to find the best solution for your property. So no matter the shape, size, or condition of your property, our exterior painters in London can help.

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Exterior Painters and Decorators London

Exterior painting and decorating services

We provide various exterior painting and decorating services. We cover everything from general decorating to specialist coatings.
Typically, our exterior painters in London decorate:
• Brickwork and masonry
• Doors, porches, and entries
• Windows frames and ledges
• Eaves, soffits, and fascias 
• Cast-iron guttering and downpipes
• Metalwork
• Fences, sheds, and decking
• Render
Exterior Painters London

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We are the go-to exterior painters for businesses across London.

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Residential exterior
painters London

Exterior painting and decorating not only makes your home stand out. Done right, it adds value to your home and protects exterior surfaces.

Our exterior painters have painted countless homes in London. Also, our supervisors monitor the quality of all our exterior paintwork. As a result, we make sure you reap the rewards of painting your exterior.

Commercial exterior
painters London

We provide exterior painting services for commercial properties in London. Our team have the experience and know-how to transform your exterior with a safe and effective service.

Also, our exterior painters can paint your exterior out of hours. As a result, we can paint your space with minimal disruption to your business.

When is the best time to paint your exterior?

Exterior painting requires dry conditions for a high-quality finish. We only use masonry paints in temperatures above 10 °C. This enables each coat of paint to dry and cure. Therefore, the best time for exterior painting is April – October.

Before any exterior paintwork, we follow a strict code of practice. This includes considering weather conditions and paint specifications. This ensures we can achieve a lasting finish.

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Frequently asked questions

You can get a quote in a few simple steps. You can either fill out our contact form here. Or, drop us an email at [email protected]. Once we know what paintwork you would like done, we will provide you with a free quote.

If we are within your budget, we can arrange for a formal visit to confirm the costs. Following that, we will help you find a convenient date for our painters and decorators in London to start.

Exterior surfaces fade, peel, and crack over time. Harsh weather conditions and sunlight exposure are the leading cause of this. To prevent this, we thoroughly prepare all exterior surfaces. The result is a clean and repaired surface, ready to paint. 
Our exterior painters carry out the following preparation work:
• Removing flaky, cracked, or bubbling paint
• Using a sugar soap solution to clean surfaces
• Filling holes/cracks in exterior
• Replacing damaged/rotten woodwork
• Sanding and priming exterior surfaces

The cost of exterior painting depends your property’s condition, size and material. Therefore, the price of exterior painting will vary from job-to-job.

Nonetheless, we pride ourselves on offering fair estimates for every job we quote. Also, each of our quotes are detailed and clearly broken down. As a result, once you contact our team, you can be confident you’re getting an accurate quote.

If wooden frames are not maintained, they will begin to rot. Thankfully, it is possible to repair window frames and sills. However, if more than 15% of the frame is rotten, it’s more suitable to replace it. 

Our exterior painters take the following steps when restoring window frames:

  • Assessing the rotten wood
  • Removing the rotten wood
  • Apply filler to the gaps
  • Sand the frame and sills
  • Repaint the window frame and sills

Yes! We can use the same scaffolding as roofers in order to save costs when painting your home’s exterior.


We regularly complete large-scale exterior paint jobs throughout London. As a result, we have long-term relationships with local scaffolding companies. In addition, the scaffolders that we work with are all accreditted to ensure we your exterior paintjob reliably and safely.

Yes we have a 2-years paintwork guarantee! We have total confidence in our exterior painters in London. However, we offer a warranty for extra peace of mind.

Our guarantee covers any defects/faults down to poor craftsmanship, such as peeling, cracking, or bubbling paint. We will be happy to rectify the work free of charge if this happens.