Commercial Decorators London

We are specialist commercial decorators in London. Our team transform your workspace with reliability and flexibility.

Professional commercial decorators in London

We are expert commercial decorators in London. We ensure your business is painted reliably, safely, and to a high standard.

No matter how you decorate, we provide the professional help you need. And with decades of experience working with small and large businesses. We realize the importance of quality, scheduling, and budgets in commercial paintwork.

Commercial decorators in London

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Commercial painters and decorators London
Commercial decorators London

Commercial decorating services

We manage the quality of our painters to make sure they meet our standards. Each of our decorators has years of commercial painting experience. And we have expertise that spans over four decades. As a result, we provide a first-class finish across each service we offer.

Our local commercial decorators can provide the following services:

Commercial decorators London

How are we different?

Sectors we cover

Office painters

Your office is the first impression you make on customers and the workspace for your team. We offer painting services for every type of office.

Retail decorators

Our commercial decorators provide retail painting services in London. We paint boutiques, supermarkets, shopping centres, and chain stores.

Hospitality decorating

We paints bars, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, and cafés across London. And we use decades of skill and experience to find the best solution for your space. 

Our Clients

We are the go-to painters and decorators for businesses across London.

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Commercial painters
and decorators

We provide commercial decorating services for all types of businesses. However, our approach is the same. Our commercial decorators paint your property with precision, speed, and care.

As a result, we ensure your project meets the highest standards with minimal delay.

Expert commercial

First, we will provide you with a detailed estimate that meets your budget and needs. Next, we will allocate you an expert point of contact. As a result, you will have support from start to finish and beyond the final touches.

Finally, our commercial decorators will paint your business in London on time and within budget.

Out of hours commercial decorators in London

We know how important it is to keep your business running. We offer off-peak painting services to reduce downtime to your business. Our commercial painters can work nights and weekends.

Also, we have a large team of skilled commercial decorators in London. Therefore, we offer flexible painting services for small and large businesses.

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Our commercial painters complete work throughout London. Browse some recent commercial painting work we have done.

Frequently asked questions

Our commercial decorators are safety trained on the use of ladders. Or, where ladders are unsuitable, we can use scaffolding and access towers.

Preparing surfaces is important to ensure a smooth finish. Also, preparation prevents the paint cracking and peeling in the future.

Before painting, we complete the following preparation tasks:

  • Protect flooring, surfaces, and furniture
  • Masking tape the windows, sockets, and light switches.
  • Remove any loose or flaky paint
  • Clean the surfaces with a sugar-soap solution
  • Fill any holes or cracks
  • Sand the surfaces
  • Undercoat/prime the surfaces

Our commercial decorators are insured to work throughout London. We carry Public Liability insurance up to a value of £5,000,000. Also, we have Employers Liability cover up to a value of £10,000,000.

You can view our insurance cover here.

We have a large team of commercial decorators in London. Also, we can work out-of-hours to ensure an efficient painting service. Therefore, our commercial painters are available when you need us.

Getting a quote is simple. You can fill out our contact form here. Or you can email us at [email protected] for a free estimate.

We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the cost via email. If our estimate fits your budget, we attend to confirm the price.

All paints contain solvent, pigment and binder. As the paint dries, the solvent disperses, and the pigment and binder remain. The pigment and binder are known as the solids content. The higher the paint’s solids content, the better it covers and protects.

Inexpensive paint has a lower solids content, which means worse coverage. As a result, you’ll need more coats of cheap paints to get equal coverage. Therefore, we avoid using cheaper paints for our work.

We recommend the following paint brands:

Yes, we offer a variety of eco-friendly paint options. Also, our team can source eco-friendly paints for you.

At the end of each day, we will clean your property. Also, we will store any paints/materials at the end of each day.

Upon completion, we will provide a full clean of your space. As a result, your workspace will be clean and tidy, ready for use.