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Welcome to The Direct Painting Group! We provide expert carpentry solutions to fit all budgets. The key to our professional carpentry service is our professional carpenters in London who are all experienced, qualified & passionate about what we do. Throughout London, we’ve provided carpentry & joinery solutions for all types of residential and commercial properties. Therefore, regardless of what’s required, rest assured our London carpenters have the expertise & experience to create a tailored & bespoke finish. We believe that a high-quality finish is the most important aspect in a great carpentry service & that’s what we prioritise throughout our service.

Since we were founded in 1983, we’ve always worked on improving on our workmanship to ensure a high-quality finish every time. Throughout these years, we’ve also worked on expanding the customers are carpenters and joiners reach with our services. It’s always our aim in both residential & commercial carpentry to create a made-to-measure service which suits all possible requests. Also, our experience has allowed us to connect with homeowners & business-owners across London & giving our professional carpenters an insight into what’s important in a great carpentry service to local customers.



In London, we offer professional carpentry services. Our carpenters are experienced & reliable, and are equipped with the finest materials, allowing us to create any bespoke carpentry solution for your property. We’ve undertaken 100s of residential carpentry projects in the past and we always treat each project with the same goals in mind. We always aim to make a bespoke finish which is durable & lasts for years to come. Since, no carpentry solution is the same, we always work directly with you. This allows our team to understand exactly what you hope to achieve from your local carpentry company in London.

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We’ve been London’s most trusted & recommend carpenters in London for some time now. This has allowed us to offer our carpentry services to commercial properties all over London- including Rainmaker Office, Runpath Office & Veeno’s wine bar. This has given our carpenters valuable insight into what’s important when creating a bespoke commercial carpentry solution. As well as having an eye-for-design, reliability & achieving a perfect finish, we understand that time is also a pressing factor for all commercial properties. Thats why our professional carpenters will work out-of-hours in order to achieve a high-quality finish, whilst causing only minimal disruption to your business.


We also offer bespoke & fitted furniture services in London. Our carpenters are equipped with the necessary experience & tools to achieve the perfect finish for you, allowing you to unlock your properties potential. For years we’ve been crafting fitted furniture solutions designed to fit whatever you require. Whilst most furniture available on the market are basic & predictable, having bespoke furniture, you have the ability to create a completely unique & tailored furniture design.

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As expert carpenters in London, it’s our mission to put trust back into tradesman. We’re able to achieve this through offering a completely transparent carpentry service throughout London. We offer a Price-Match guarantee which means you can be assured that you’ve found the most reasonably priced carpenters in London. We’re not only confident in our prices, but our work too! That’s why we offer a 2-Year workmanship guarantee for all works.

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