Armani Casa

Property Size: 1,180 Sq ft

Armani Casa designs luxury interiors across the globe. We completed the paintwork in Southbank Tower’s Armani Casa. First, we met with Armani to understand their goals for the space. Throughout the work, we provided ongoing support.

We decorated the apartment with bright colours and bespoke wallpaper. We used a neutral colour palette in the main living spaces. As a result, the living room has a gentle feel. Similarly, we painted the bathroom white, giving it a clean look. In contrast, we wallpapered the bedroom with dark, textured wallpaper. The result is an eye-catching room with a relaxed feel.


Armani Casa 1
Armani Casa 2
Armani Casa 3
Armani Casa 9
Armani Casa 5
Armani Casa 7
Armani Casa 4