5 Trends For Painting & Decorating in 2019.

Looking to update your commercial or residential space. Follow these current trends in order to achieve a unique style & design for your property in 2019. Any of these trends will transform & create a truly inspirational & beautiful space for the New year. From lighting to paint colours to trends making a comeback in the New Year, follow this comprehensive guide before you decide on how your updating your residential or commercial spaces.

1. Black & White Decor

A timeless trend which is currently popular in 2019- adding a sense of boldness & balance to your home it’s clear as to why this choice is so popular. Whether employed through the furnishings you choose for your home or in the paint scheme, or by combining the two, this is clearly a great choice in 2019. Effectively creating this modern & refreshing update to your decorating space. However, this decorating choice is not only great for residential painting & decorating, it can also be a great choice for commercial design.

2. Concrete Design

Concrete can be a great way to establish a comfortable, modern & unique within your decorating space. This again may not only be in the form of the furniture used, but this can also be in the form of tiles. Using tiles can effectively create the crisp finish you desire & can be achieved for a relatively reasonable price. This is also not only limited to a living area & in fact, can create this great look even when used in other living areas such as a bathroom, bedroom & in commercial areas.

3. Vintage Lighting

Vintage lighting trends is another decorating trend which is becoming re-popularised this year. Although, this may bring surprise to some, it’s understandable why this design is making its way back into homes. In the past this lighting option has often been presented in an extravagant & bold form, however in 2019 the vintage lights we are expecting to see will be less exposed lighting and more of vintage pendants and scones, in brass and copper finishes. 2019 will be a year where trending designs come together in unison. Take a look at some of these examples.

4. Dark Greens

Another trend we anticipate to become increasingly popular in 2019 is the use of dark greens. Whether or not you choose this in the form of furniture or in the form your home’s paint colour scheme, the use of these colours are great in creating a modern & dynamic look for your available space. Although, some may be against the use of such a bold colour in their home, we believe that if implemented in a discrete form, it helps to compliment your home’s overall design & feel. Take a look at these examples below.

5. Crittal Style

There’s no denying that crittall-style has been staging a comeback – and not just as windows and doors, but as walls, room dividers and even shower screens. Edgy and versatile, the sturdy, slim-profile frames tap into the current trend for all things industrial. It’s no wonder crittall-style has been dominating our Pinterest feeds. They have the ability to completely transform a space; not just by giving it a cool, modern edge, but also by opening up a space and letting in more light. Crittall-style allow you to cleverly partition open areas to create different zones, without compromising on light or space. Metal framed glazing has never looked so good. The great thing about the crittall-style is that it not only looks great in residential areas but also in commercial areas too.